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                                      INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING HOUSE



The WOSCO SWB International Publishing House publishes books, monographs, magazines, brochures, scientific works, and other types of scientific publications in paper and electronic formats. Items published in a paper format are simultaneously published in an electronic format in the WOSCO SWB electronic library, and given independent international ISBM and DOI codes; periodicals and multivolume editions are additionally given an international ISSN code.

The WOSCO SWB Publishing House publishes and republishes books in any language.


WOSCO SWB electronic editions have the status of a paper format; they are given an international WOSCO SWB identification code.

All editions, independently from format, are registered in conformity with the WOSCO SWB standard.

The WOSCO SWB Publishing House recommends the use of electronic publication of books and articles in electronic journals for its wider circulation possibilities over paper analogues. Electronic publications have millions of readers, and publications are delivered to readers quickly and effectively.


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