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Dr. Tamara Tsutsunava, Georgia

Surname: Tsutsunava;

Name: Tamara;

Patronymic name: Nugzar;

Place of birth:  Georgia, Tbilisi;

Citizenship (country): Georgia;

Nationality: Georgian;

Speciality: Geologist;

Academic degree: Doctor of Science;

Quantity of scientific articles: more 80;

A member of which scientific organizations: Geological Society of Georgia, Mineralogical of Society of Georgia (Member of Scientific Council), Professional Women Association of Georgia, International Committee of Geological and Environmental  Change  “GEOCHANGE” (Germany);

Place of work and position:  Director of Alexandre Janelidze Institute of Geology (Georgia);

State prizes: The Order of Honour (Awarded by President of Georgia); Medal for making a contribution to development of science (awarded of Tbilisi State University).

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