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Mehmet Salih Bayraktutan



With all my skills, talents and technical experience, as sedimentologist, petroleum geologist and engineering geologist, I am ready to consult my clients for their financial and operational goals under all kind of complexity, competition and significant challenges. I will be fully committed for a work environment with high standard technical and social values, respect for equitable rights, communication and cooperation for success, integrity and advancement of all.



1972. BSc  in  Geological  Engineering ( & Petroleum Engineering -second major).  

          Middle East Technical University, METU, Ankara

1976. MSc  in  Basin Modelling- Facies Analyses; Eastern Anatolian Basins.

1983. PhD in Sedimentary Evolution of Neogene Narman Basin; Fan-Delta Deposites. Erzurum. Eastern Turkey;

           Clastic Sedimentary Rocks, Petrography.

Expertise in Integrated Reservoir Characterization . Turkey, Iran, Ozbekistan,  Azerbaycan, Georgia, Pakistan. 25 years of experience in geophysics-geology exploration projects for mineral and geothermal resources, oil-gas industry; Ozbekistan, Azerbaycan, Georgia, Turkey.

1984-2018; Excellent team-work skills obtained by conducting  various size of  international  research projects  (20 projects - on basin studies, facies analyses, active tectonics, geol-geophys. poly-metallic ore deposites, natural resources,Geothermal-Oil-Gas fields- during the period of 1984-2018).  

Highly advanced skills in teaching / training in sedimentology, engineering geology, geothermal resource exploration, magmatic ore deposits, reservoir characterization, seismic sequeence stratigraphy.

2015-2017;   Crude Oil Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan BTC Pipeline  Geohazard Risk Assessment.

2018-2020;   IGDIR Univ. Dr. Faculty Member, Senior Researcher.  Turkey



1987-2014      Asst. Prof. Dr.  Faculty Engineering. Ataturk Univ. Erzurum. Turkey

1976-1983        PhD. Faculty of Engineering, Geol. Eng. Dept. Middle East Technical Univ., Ankara. Turkey

                        Thesis; Sedimentological Evolution of the Neogene Narman Basin; primary depositional structures and facies analyses of fan-delta system.  NE Turkey.  

1974-1976        MSc ;  Geol. Eng. Dept. Middle East Technical Univ., Ankara. Turkey

                        Thesis;  Hydrocarbon occurrences in Tekman Basin, Eastern  Anatolia. Turkey

1968-1972        BSc in Geological  Engineering ( & Petroleum Engineering ).

                        Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey


                                                           Work Experiences

2018 - 2020; IGDIR University. Fac. Engineering, Geotechnique Deprt. Igdır. Turkey

2014 - 2017; MTA- Geological Survey of Turkey. Poly Metallic Ore Prospecting.Ankara.

2012 - 2014; Canakkale  Geothermal  Project.  Deputy Gen. Man. ,Turker Energy Company, Ankara

2011 - 2012; Canakkale - Gurpinar Geothermal  Project. Techn. Adviser , YDA Contr. Comp. Ankara

2005 - 2011; BOTAS- Oil & Gas Transportation  Affairs of Turkey.  Energy & NR Ministry , Ankara. Chief  Adviser to Minister of  NR & Energy. Turkey

Geohazard and Seismic risk assessment. Reservoir characterization, 3D  structural  modelling. of

following  undeveloped fields/reservoirs.

   O&G Fields in Azerbaycan, Georgia, North Iraq, Turkey and  Pipeline Routes.

-  Passive Seismic Application and data integration of  Horasan, Pasinler, Erzurum Fields in Turkey.

-  Seismic Stratigraphy  Interpretation of  Oil & Gas Fields of Pakistan ( listed below):

Lugai , Mungha Faqir Zai , Hurram Zai and Multanai  Basin Oil Field  in  Katawaz Pishin basin, Balocistan  Province,  Pakistan                                                                                                                 Changai ,   Sharan,  Bostan &  Jiwani  Oil  Field  Katawaz  Basin,  Balocistan Province, Pakistan

2001- 2005  Reservoir Characterisation Engineer, TPAO- TPIC., Ankara .Turkey

Consulting clients in reservoir characterization  and structural-facial  modelling of Azerbaycan- Georgian  Oil&Gas Fields; 

Girovdag Oil-Gas  Field , Azerbaycan                                                                                                                             Yamala  Oligocene-Maykop Oil&Gas  Reservoirs (onshore & offshore), N. Azerbaycan   


1987 - 2001;   PhD. Senior Researcher (  Ata. Univ. Fac. Engineering.

Supervising of  5 Master  and  3 PhD  Thesis, on engineering geology,  geotechnical  zoning    

in Erzurum, Oltu Basins, eastern Anatolia.

1974 - 1983;   Research Assistant. Fac. Science , Dept. Geology. Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, Turkey 

1974       ;    Geothe Institute  Foreign Lang.  Blaubeuren.  Germany. 

1973-74 ;    Geotechnical  Engineer, in  Fisher Tief und Hoch Bau GmbH, Augsburg, Germany

1972-73 ;    Drilling Engineer, DSI  Water  Drilling  Dept., Erzurum. Turkey


 Short Courses Attended                                                                               

ArcGIS  9.4  explorer,  MapInfo.                 

Software Scream ;  3D  BB  Guralp Systems seismic data  processing        

Pipelines Route  Geohazard Risk Assessment. (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan) BTC  Project

Shallow  Geophysics ( GPR. EM, VES, IP,  )  


 Short Courses Instructed

              Geomodeling  (3D) of  sedimentary facies, basin modelling.

Geohazard  Assessment, Remediation.  Mitigation.

Near surface  geophysics, GPR Technology  and  Electromagnetic Induction .

Remote  Sensing Sattelite Images,  Natural  & Geothermal Resosurces,

CSAMT / NSAMT  survey for  metal, geothermal, HC resources.


  • 1980/81 TUBITAK- BelgiumRes. Fellowship; post-doc research on petrophysics of  sedimentary rocks.Royal Gent Univ. Inst. Geotechnique. Gent. Belgium

  • 1987. Los Alamos NL.,Cal. Univ. New Mexico,US. Corporation Fellowship; post-doc researches. Seismic and radar images processing. Dogubayazıt Landslide, East Turkey

  • 1995. Ministry of NR & Energy. GEON Res. Inst. Moscow. Russian Fed., Project Grant; post-doc research. Complex Geophysical Survey of HC Reserves.

  • 1992. Yujni Geofizika Inst. Baku. Azerbaycan. Project Grant; post-doc researches. Complex Geophysical survey forHC resources of Horasan-Pasinler Fields, Turkey.

  • 1996/98. TUBITAK-British Council UK. Project Grant; post-doc research on geochemical survey of active fault mapping. Exeter University. Exeter. UK.

  • 2000/01. TUBITAK-British Council UK. Project Grant; post-doc research on east Anatolian basin sedimentary evolution. Brunel University. Uxbridge. UK.




PC-Software : MS Office Suites

ArcGIS  9.4 -   MapInfo.            

Scream ; Guralp Systems.  3D  BB seismic data  processing

CSAMT / NSAMT and  Gravity Explr. Survey. 1500m depth   

Remote Sensing of Settalite Images , for  Natural Resources and  Fracture Mapping  .




English. ( fluvient)                         Lang.Prep.School, Middle East Tech. Univ. Ankara. Turkey.                                                  German (intermdt. II).                   Goethe  Inst. Blaubeuren. Germany .Mittelstufe II.                                         Italian  (weak)                               Rome La Sapienza Uni.& CNR Pisa, Italy                                                     French (weak)                               French Litr. Department. Ata.Univ. Turkey                                                   Russian (weak)                              Gent Univ.Lang.Cources,Belgium.& GEON Res.Centre, Moscow                    Arabic( write & read,weak)          Arab Language  Courses. Ata.Univ. Fac. Islamic Sci.Erzurm.Turkey    


Geological Eng. Chamber of Turkey. JMO. Ankara

Petroleum  Geologists  Assoc. of  Turkey, TPJD. Ankara

Mining Geologists Society of Turkey. MJD.  Ankara

EAGE.  European Assoc. Geoscientists and Engineers, President (2007-2019). Turkey

Italian  National  Research Council,  INRC. Rome

     AAPG.American Assoc. Petroleum  Geologists. Houston .US

     DGS.  Dhahran Geology Society.

     SPE.   Society of Petroleum Engineers.                   

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