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Academician Prof. Dr. Arif Pashayev

President of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy,

Rector of the National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan


Place of Birth: Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic;

Date of Birth: 15.02.1934

Education: Odessa Electrotechnical Institute of Communications, radiophyiscs

Scientific degree: Doctor of physical-mathematical sciences;

Title: Professor;

Date of Election as a correspondent member and speciality: 1989, instrument-making;

Date of Election as Academician of the National Academy of Sciences: 2001, physics;

Total number of scientific publications: 300

Number of scientific publications printed abroad: 2001, physics;

Number of patents and certificates of authorship: 35

Main scientific achievements: Splinter proof electromagnetic methods of the investigation of semi-conductors; acousto-optic methods of information processing; the scientific basis of the problems of security of civil aviation in the air flights;


Candidates of Science (PhD): 12

Doctors of Science: 3

Rewards: Azerb. USSR State Prize laureate – 1991; The gold badge named after Pavlov – 2004; Honored Worker of Science – 2005;

Educational activity: 33 years - Azerbaijan Technical University and the National Aviation Academy;

Position: Rector of the National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan.


Academician Arif Pashayev services to world science in the sphere of physics of semiconductors are well known in the world. The results of your researches are widely used in different spheres of industry. He scientific services are highly estimated by national and international communities and marked with many authoritative awards.

Especially we want to underline he invaluable services in development of national education, first of all, in such important and necessary sphere for young and independent country, as training of highly qualified specialists of national aviation. With he initiative and under he direct leading in Azerbaijan was established the first and only National Academy of Aviation, where are prepared the pilots of aviation and flying control officers of higher international qualification. This has the special importance, taking into consideration fast economical development of Republic of Azerbaijan, which is in crossing of main transport corridors, connecting Western and European countries with Asia and East.

He are the Academician of National Academy of Science, International transport, engineering and many other Academies. And it is pleasant that in 2001 he became the Academician of International Academy of Science H&E.

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