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 Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al Abdulgader, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al Abdulgader has obtained multiple board certifications and memberships from prestigious medical schools and universities in record time (1992-1997) and established a major cardiac hospital funded by his Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz. He established the 1st registry of congenital heart diseases in the Middle East which was followed by a nationwide registry and was credited for being the first to describe a new congenital anomaly of the heart in 2005. He established a series of international conferences (King of Organs) for advanced cardiac sciences in 2006 which is the first medical conference that explores topics related to the information processing and energetic role of the heart. He believes that we are at the start of a true revolution in the history of medicine, and his understanding of the broader role of the human heart in ethical, religious and social contexts has drawn major media attention. Dr. Abdullah A. Al Abdulgader was recently elected as a member of the scientific board of the International Committee on Global Geological and Environmental Change (GEOCHANGE) and also as a member of the scientific Advisory board of The Institute of HeartMath, CA - USA. In 2012, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al Abdulgader was awarded the Gold Medal of the World Organization for Scientific Cooperation "Science without Borders" for outstanding achievements in the development of science and education in the field of cardiology.

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